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Monthly Working

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , , , , on 08/30/2019 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

In one of the orders that I am in, they decided to do monthly Daemon workings. I think this is an amazing idea, for people to explore and get to work with different entities that they normally would have not worked with.

This month is Agares. I think I will be doing some more meditations and communication with him. Communication is his jam and I need to work on mine a little bit more. Can never get enough of learning how to communicate correctly and effectively with people and other entities.

I have worked with him a few when I was going through the Goetia, but it was never anything in depth. But this month it has and will be.

As normally the correspondences and enns are there, and to connect with them is easy for me, for the most part.

Try it, and see what you get from it. Be safe though.

Spiritual Planning

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , on 08/03/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have my planners. I would be totally lost.

I like having a planner dedicated to spiritual workings. I can plan all my rituals out, I can see all the holidays and moon phases, and see where I will be able to fit more time in , or can switch things around so I can have more optimal spacing.

September is coming up and then I will not be doing a lot of spiritual planning. I am trying to make sure that October thru December is just dedicated to me being free and doing what may come. Besides the holidays and moon phases, I will be able to just write down all that I have done, and then expound on them in my journals. After all, I have around 18 journals and counting.

When 2019 comes around, I already have the first 9 months planned out. Lol. I know, it is a little overkill, but I know exactly what I am going to do. I have all my classes in place, my business hours, me meet and greets and personal workings as well as rest. I will at least be taking 7 days off a month to do nothing but recoup, pray and meditate. That is a good way to make sure I don’t over do it. That way I won’t have to hear my boyfriend nag at me lol. He loves me and wants me to be sane and not overload myself, and sometimes I am hardheaded.

I like the schedules that I have. I enjoy looking at them and seeing what is coming up over the horizon. I am going to change the format planner up next year, but I am wondering if I should do it completely bujo style, or just stick with the pre-made planner?

Time will tell won’t it.

#domagick Weekly Workings

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I am going to schedule them from Sundays to Fridays and on Saturdays give the reflections. Last night I had a good connection with Beezlebub and felt myself surrounded by multiple beings and people. It was a familial feeling and I really felt empowered by it.

Yesterday I was supposed to work with a Planet, but my workings did not go that way. Instead I found myself traversing the world, and different passages underground. I was constantly submerged in the earth and working on something or another.

Last night I redid and organized my altars, I have 6 now. And my last focus was on my Main altar which is an Earth Kingdom. Needless to say I went to sleep at 530 and woke up this morning. It completely tuckered me out and put me down for the count.

When I was drifting off I was thinking about always posting daily. Because it can be a chore. So I am just going to preplan the days of how they are going to go, and then Saturdays will be the big reveal on how the week went.

Preplanning I love because with magick it rarely turns out the way you hope, but it is always hilarious to try though.

February’s Workings

Posted in Important Posts with tags , on 02/05/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

This month is busy, as well is all the other upcoming months.

This month begins the Yoga Chakra working I am doing in the next #domagick  meditation. I am doing one or two yoga positions for 4 days for each chakra. I am also doing spreads on those chakras to help pinpoint what I should be focusing on. Cleansing, balancing, getting the wheels spinning correctly. I do this in the morning along with my 15 minute meditation (down from 30 min in December’s #domagick challenge). It is very cool and I already have some good results in these 3 days.


I am also doing psychic workings and blood workings with my boyfriend. Improving my skills and trying new techniques in areas that I am weak in. I am reading another book You are Psychic by Pete A. Sanders Jr. and I have read it a few years ago, but didn’t really utilize it like it should have been. I can tell that after this book I will be scheduling these exercises later on this year.

download (12)

Plus 2 full moons and a new moon tarot spread.

Teaching Classes

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I will be doing more classes this year. I am staying away from the intro classes, mainly because there are thousands of newbie websites from Wiccans, and thousands of groups teaching the basics that I  just will not teach. I focus more on the higher level classes, in which you work with blood, you work with your bodily fluids, and you can travel pretty damn well without having to be monitored. Why? Because I do not want to be responsible for people fucking up and being scared, and that in the past, has drained the shit out of me, and I will not do it again.

I have classes lined up for my groups and Orgs, and face it, writing up lesson plans are hard as shit. They require a lot of time, and I am tired of people pissing off my hard work because they just don’t give a fuck, or they feel the efforts are not there’s and they drop off. I don’t care if I have one student in a class, which I have had before, but this shit is stopping.

My time has become shorter and free time is not as available as I would like it to be. So my way of teaching, and how I teach, and the fee will now be imposed. I don’t have time for people to play me and deal with their shit. It is a drain on me honestly.

I do look forward to working with my new student and teaching again, as the material is revamped and it is a bitch to do lol. Mainly because as a teacher I am a hard ass.


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