March is here

A quarter of the way through the year and it has seemed like it has been years honestly. So much ritual work, so much school work, moving, and just getting dead weight out of my life.

Like seriously why the hell have I taken on so much school work? Because its me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can relax and redo my schedule, and chill like I want to. Now that I know how all my professors are and how they test. That way I can one up them and keep myself on track. I am still happy with my professes,  I know most people complain about theirs and I am glad I don’t. My summer school schedule is going to be hectic but so worth it to get me on track since I am like a semester behind where I wanted to be. But still when fall starts I will be caught up and rearing to go.

Ritually speaking everything is set, all beings have their respective areas, and there is so much more space. I have everything that I need as of now, and can work with other items as needed. My workings are being scheduled and some are combining into a more in-depth work than what I had imagine Either way I am excited.

I am 15 days into the 30 day working and it is really a worker. I have been extra busy due to that, but, once the semester is over I should be able to catch up on some posts before the next semester start.

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