The Meaning of Hotep: A Nubian Study Guide by Anpu Unnefer Amen

Now I have seen plenty of people say Hotep (in the Black Community that is), and I wondered exactly what the heck did it mean. We all know that people will jump on any band wagon just because they cam, and not know a damn thing they are talking about. So when I came across this little gem in the Kindle store I was excited. I had heard of this author before and was pleased to be able to finally read some of his work.

He goes into an introduction of the word Hotep, that takes you into a nice history of Khemet before it was conquered, raped of its knowledge, desecrated by the incoming religions, and ripped to pieces of all its humanity, making Khemet seem like a desert of ignorance while those who came after claimed that knowledge as theirs, and attempted to write Africa out of history. Which they have done pretty damn well at. It tells you about Hotep as being rooted in the Metu Neter (which you should really get the volumes as they are such an eye awakening experience in knowledge that was hidden, lost and now resurrected). Hotep has political implications as well as spiritual and physical. it is wrapped up in life itself, as I believe it is. You may think different, which is totally fine.

Throughout the reading of this book you will be treated to other ancestors, our forefathers, that have written books that just are not promoted today but easily obtained. I get giddy when I am referenced to new information and new authors and books. Who doesn’t like to expand their knowledge and gain more. You will find that he talks about how Hotep or more accurately Htp is also related t Ptha, or more accurately Pth. HTP:PTH. They are one in the same.

The next few chapters dive into the history of Nubain foundation, the various Kings who have Hotep in their name, Aten, and lineages. There is so much information in this book that I cant actually interpret all I have read. I am still digesting everything that is in it, writing notes, cross referencing, and looking for more information. It has been the best book in defining a term, and connecting its history that I have found on Khemet.

At least know when someones says Hotep I can ask them what they mean by it and engage in a new conversation. The worst thing I want to her, is “I don’t know, or it means greetings”. It is so much more than that, and I hope people actually think about what they say, instead of just saying it. Our words have a rich history and vibration to them, it would be a shame to misuse them due to our arrogance and ignorance.

You really should have this in your library. It will open up and connect information that you may have not known, or may have been confused about.

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  1. Brandon Holmes Says:

    Hotep is a greeting of peace. It is a peace with your brother and creator as it recognizes your brother and sister as part of your creator. It is revolutionary as it unites. It catches onto our very nature which is God, then it unites us to that singular essence. The more you appreciate this word the more you become at one with your creator, the first, self-created man.

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