A Year of Progress, Sort of…

So last year I was doing a shit load of occult classes, school full time and dealing with bullshit on the regular. Well extra bullshit actually, that I ended up doing none of my freaking classes, and falling behind in every damn class. So needless to say I was pissed. But it was supposed to happen. I still have all my class assignments, which I will finish no matter what. My teacher is going to be upset getting a a freaking ton of emails and attachments to read lol. But hey I am getting my stuff back and concentrating on it.

I have to be careful and make sure I am not doing too many things at a time. I am getting back into my book reviews, because hey, who doesn’t like having an author email you and saying that they look forward to your reviews. I so miss that. Mainly because I know people bullshit and lie about books because they want to be in their good graces. For people that know me, if your book is shit, well then it is shit. I am not sugar coating it, but I am not going to make it seem better than what it is.

This year I am only taking four classes, but they are still intense. I plan on enjoying them and sharing my experiences. For the most part this year or almost for two years, I have went through so many changes, and it has all been for good growth. Though I lost, or pushed someone dear from me it was probably for the best. Everything happens for a reason, and the Gods haven’t guided me wrong. Or at least I stopped going against the grain when they clearly showed me what I was doing was just plain fucking wrong lol.

I will focus more on balancing, being a Water sign i just tend to just go torrential sometimes lol.

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