S0 much stuff to do

It has been a good minute, in my opinion, since I wrote anything. Since being back in school, having so much going on, I just can’t sit down and say here, this day will be the day I will write on my blog. Sure, everyone else can do it, and are successful. But I am not them and could really give a fuck, you know how I do. I do have a few book reviews I need to get up, they are already written, just need to take the time to write them and post them. hich should be easy since WordPress has this whole scheduled post thingy, which means I can actually post things for later.

School posts will be back up after every completed set, so about every month and a half. It has been an interesting ride so far. My personal life is just hilarious and filled with some fucked up people, and people I have no idea what I did without. I have met some pretty fucked up individuals and crazy women, but hey, it is what it is lol.

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