28 Day Working, Day 5

I love the days where I have a lot to do yet, I seem to do it all and then feel bored lol.

Today was one of those days. I did my daily Goetia meditation to Haagenti, offered up some blood and lit a candle, after dressing it in blood. I mean that is my specialty lol. After that I started reading Llewllyn’s Complete Psychic Empowerment book and took notes like I normally do. I read the 3 exercises and will be doing them tomorrow.

I wrote down the interpretation of my tarot card my partner picked, and after i finish that then I will put that up in a blog post on its own.  I will put it in 5 parts so it won’t be just ignant long and shit.

I was able to work on my papers for Lilith, get a couple of path workings organized and ready for reworking for next year. I will be spending the rest of the year reworking these 2 (one is an extensive 28 chakra healing system, and a 13 gate divinatory ascension) workings for next year. This will give me the time needed to plan all my workings because next year I graduate college- afuckingain- so I should be free for a few months if I don’t go back and work on the B.S. degree. Which honestly, I rather work and do my path workings and go to school the next year or just take a couple of classes later next year. We will see.

I made some leeway with spiritual programs, and was able to go into some groups and interact a little bit. It keeps me sane for the most part. even though I feel like I do so much but yet it still isn’t enough. There are moments when I have to remind myself why I am doing what I am doing, and how it will help to benefit others. After all, this is why I am here. I am a teacher, a counselor, a mentor; and that is my calling. I am not going to turn that down because I have a little bit of doubt, I mean who doesn’t. It is a part of life, and I have my down days like any other person. I am lucky though I have a spiritual partner that can help boost me up and vice versa. I have friends who I can chat with and they can immediately make my day better.

Today was a good day, not as hyper as the previous days, but I got a lot of work down, and a lot of material flowed out of me and onto paper which was a really good thing. So far this vacation for me to work on the spiritual and mental is really helping me a lot.

Day 5 down, let’s keep it going!


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