Tarot Challenge Day 10

What can I do to heal myself?

XXI, The Universe. I have so many modes, so many models, so many guides around me. I have to realize that it is more than just me in this world. I have a host of friends, spiritual guides and ancestors that can help me open up and utilize what the Universe has to offer me. I can’t and shouldn’t heal myself on my own. I do fine with people to help and bounce ideas off of. Listen to the Zuni verse and she will lead me to where I need to me. But it is up to me to grab it, bring it into me, and for me to heal myself .

How will this affect me moving forward?
8 of Cups, Indolence. Some of my cups are full, some are over flowing. There will be times when I will feel that I have not enough to make it through or that I am drowning and all seems lost. It’s all part of the healing process. Nothing is easy, but when you work hard it will be worth it 


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