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April’s Workings

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Next is the first of two rites for my Patron Leviathan. I really look forward to this, I love him so much. He has always been there, especially when it comes to my dealing with my emotions and healing from them and with them.


I am also doing a Blood Tantric working for Lilith that will have me closer to my Spiritual Mother. This is one of two month long rituals I have planned for her this year.

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The last working that I will be doing is the #domagick challenge in which I will be doing an elemental cleansing, and I think I will be using the method by S. Connolly over a longer period. A week for each element, and the last 2 days being a quick cleanse for the Spirit. With an extra day for a total cleanse. Also since Earth Day is the 22nd, I can take this entire month and use it to get in deeper contact with Mother Earth.

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Then of course a full and new moon tarot spreads for this month.

Tarot classes, my hand at it

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So next month I am trying my hand at leading a 30 day tarot challenge in my African American tarot group on fb. So I came up with some fun spreads, 3 from the internet and 2 I created. I look forward to seeing how the ladies and gentlemen progress on my challenge. it is all about self love, which comes with pain and healing, but you know what. It is totally worth it and everything.

It is only something I can think of, I can also come up with some discussions but I will see how this goes first before i try to lead like a 52 day class on reading and getting in touch with your cards lol.

I really love what I do, it is one of the few things that I can throw myself in and just feel free. But I am also addicted to tarot and plan on soaking up everything that I can with it and going from there.

March’s Workings

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The main theme of this month is Shadow working, I will be doing this 3 times. One for the ToAF ( I want to perform and tweak it before it goes out), one for my mate (if he still wants to do it), and one for the Female Occult group I admin. Each three will be tailored for specific purposes of the group.

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This month will be research for next months #domagick challenge. I am really loving these bi monthly challenges. It really helps me focus on the project that I am doing.

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The Spring Equinox is approaching and I have a week long ritual planned along with a tarot spread.

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Two full and a new moon, so another 3 tarot spreads that are 3 days each. I try to maximize my spreads and really want to be better when it comes to the Moon cycles.

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There is the Rite to Lucifer that I am really looking forward to. I have been very bad at honoring those I love, and I am making sure that I make more of an effort. I mean I work with them, but to me I  fail at honoring them the way that I want to . So this year, I am going to enjoy my rites with them.

#domagick The Beginning 

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This was the perfect ending to a very hectic and stressful year. I learned so much more about myself and others. I have met a lot of new people that I know will guide me and be beneficial this year. I have a full year ahead and lots of projects. Not to mention I’m graduating, again lol, and will be back in the medical field. That frees me up to work, and take a break from school for a couple years and get shit back on track.

It also frees me up to be able to go deeper with my writings and devote time to some time consuming projects and workings that are being done this year. 

Below is my altar, cleaned up and recharged for the new year and a picture of spread. It’s already posted on my tumblr account. 

Yule Tarot Spread 

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So my spread will be posted below. It took some fanagling to get it all in there. The readings where interesting. So frustrating lol. 

1. 3 of wands, virtue- Primeval energy guides me
2. XI Lust – Using my inherent magical power should help strengthen me.
3. 10 Cups, Satiety – be a little rough around the edges but can be handled.
4 XXI universe- this said equilibrium between change and stability and man that is going to be one hell of a combination, just because I am resistant to change.
5. Queen of Disks- Tons of ambition
6. Prince of Swords- Intellect will please me more than anything.
7. 7 of wands- Exuberant chaos that needs to be explored
8. 8 of swords, interferences – a lot of accidents are going to hapoen, may be good may be bad, who knows.
9. XVIII moon- the hidden darkness where Anpu is the key
10. 7 of swords, futility – compromise, figures lol.
11. 8 of disks, prudence- be wise in business ventures and my brand
12. 4 of wands, completion- order, and honesty 

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