#domagick Day 7

Belphegore was who my meditation was with this morning. I recited his enn 4x, anointed my altar, incense and candles like I have everyday this challenege. 
I am sitting in a park like area. The trees around me have blue green leaves, and the bark is a very dark brown almost black color. They are twisted into these fabulous shapes and reaching towards the sky. I look to me left and I see Belphegore sitting next to me. He has a glass of wine in his hand. Pomegranate.  He revelas a basket of fruits, seeds, and berries. A take a date and eat it. Something isn’t right. I pull 3 white marble spheres from my mouth. Each one had a Chinese character on it. I know exactly what they say, and why those 3 were given to me. He smiles and tells me to drink. He pours this dark bottle of wine that has a weird symbol on it  he says it’s Star Seed. It pours out a beautiful sapphire blue color. The smell is indescribable in a good way, and it tastes very sweet.

When I look up I see 3 of me  wearing what I am now, a lace right dress that gathers around my ankles. A white wreath of flowers on my head, though I’ve never seen those types before. Looking into the hands of the 3 me’s, I see the orbs. I am told that they are mine to work intently with, when I have dark days,  difficult days those spheres will be for me. As they turn and walk away I noticed there is a brilliant gold Taj Mahal in the distance.

Curiosity instantly peaked. I can feel the vibration coming from that Temple. I can feel the darkness behind that dome. I can feel the power, the rush of my blood against my ears. I can hear it all. I can feel it. I so want to go to the Temple. I am giving 2 options. Explore the Temple. Stay with Belphegore.  I push my curiosity aside, and I stay with Belphegore,  one of the Council Members. He nods his aporoval. I sit back done and we talk some more. We than get up and start walking down, what is now a beach. Black sand is everywhere.  The heat of it, resonantes throughout my legs. To my right are 3 large full moons. One is red. One is blue. One is white. As they lower the mood changes to something darker, something I am familiar with, something that is home for me.

He nods at, takes my Star Seed wine and I walk into the ocean. The liquid is thick, it’s firey, it’s full, it’s metallic. But isn’t all blood. I’m not walking on the blood, nor completely under. I am walking knee deep in that blood ocean. Crimson red liquid that splashed up to kiss my thighs. My white dress is soaked in the liquid, with the liquid swirling up my dress making intricate details across the bodice of my dress. I’m halfway in the liquid and turn around. Belphegore is behind me. He wraps his hands around me head and stops my breathing. Upon unconsciousness,  I’m immersed into the blood. He talks to me about what he is doing. And who this is from. Lungs are on fire from the liquid running in and soaking through my tissue. It’s done.

Covered in blood I head back to the beach with Belphegore walking behind me. 

To read the cards turn your head to the left. 

 Here and Now is a protection card that tells me to stay in the present. Whenever I feel the need to relive the past I lose power, to force the future the same.

Truth be told leaves me free to be me, to open felt in relationships and to grow.

Building blocks is a protection card in which I need to ID the cracks in my foundation and work on fixing them and making them stronger. 

Yin is letting others take the lead for once. To not be as harsh and did to let others give me what I may he missing and need. 

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