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#domagick The Next Phase

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The next challenge I will be doing will be in April. I will be doing an elemental cleansing using 5 elements and 2 books and a cleansing ritual I have from my Daemonalter friend. I always want to do self healing work, as I feel that it is the best way to have a happier, and healthier you. Mentally,physically and spiritually and more. So this is what I will be working with.

Book wise I will be working between these two books

These will be very useful for upcoming working. Honestly I have had these books for years, read them a couple times but never had the chance to really give them a run through. So I am really looking forward to seeing how they work with me, and how I can follow the steps and ideas contained within.

I will have 5 more posts. One post for each of the elements and the goals that I hope to achieve and accomplish in this next 30 day period (the 30 days are give and take if you think about the length of the months).

Tarot spreads will be down with each one of course lol, I mean it isn’t a pathworking for me if I don’t have a tarot spread in it lol.

So stay tuned.

#domagick The Top is Opening

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download (42)

I like these little abstract pictures for the chakras. It makes me happy when I go looking for additions to my blog to get it looking a little more, complete.

images (29)

I have yet to do my yoga poses lol. Am I stressing? Hell no, not anymore. I gave that up. I am tired of making myself feel bad when I don’t get everything done. I have so many deadlines, I have so much on my plate, and I am just like fuck it. It will get done, I am not going to down myself for it.

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This week I am doing a 5 day working for the ToAF, and it is feeling really good. Invoked Lilith Saturday, and Lucifer Sunday and doing a working tonight. My arm is actually really sore, but only when i bend it and lift it up. Which sucks, because of the tree pose and how i have to, you know, go about my day lol. It is 2 possibilities. I either slept on it wrong or I did my hair for two long and it was too much. Seriously if you have this thick ass 4Z hair, then you would understand my frustration lol. OrĀ  a third possibility could be both and I just have to work it out.

images (38)

The month is ending and I am looking into getting better for March with these new positions and meditations. Every month I am improving and getting myself on a plan, even with all the health drawbacks. These tests are super annoying, but nothing I can’t handle.

#Domagick Solar pocket

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Today is a very chill day, I am relaxing watching B movies and just focusing on me this challenge I like better because I really am getting more me time. My posts will be shorter, but the pay off mentally is bigger. The pay off at the end is going to be amazing.

#domagick The feels

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These posts are going to be shorter, mainly until the end when everything is summed up and finished.

But this morning I opted out of the Mountain Pose and went for the Warrior Pose, and man did I feel the rush into my hands, down my spine and straight in to the ground. Talk about continuing this for the next 2 days. I will be trying other poses and finding the best one or two for the 4 days and see how well I go with the connection and sensing.

Trying to understand any blockages, or slow spinners are good for when I do my finalize Chakra working next year, or should I say, beginning the long process of some great work.

#domagick Preparation for February

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Next month I will be doing chakra yoga to better cleanse and work on my chakras. You know, get them spinning and all the good stuff. Knock the dust off of them. I found a few websites that deal with positions, that I found already in my book, but there is nothing wrong with having a lot of information to arm yourself.


Chakra Balancing

Chakra Aligning

Balancing your Chakras

I plan on using these and my own research to really do some cleansing and connection with my Chakras. I also will be doing tarot spreads to connect with them and help pin point what needs to be worked on and focused on a little more.


I will also doing chakra spreads through out the month, I know I have mentioned this before. I have 9 spreads that I will be doing. A total body before, the 7 chakras and then another full body after. See how my progression has been going.

I am a little to excited. Lol!

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