New Moon Tarot Spread

Another spread, one of 3 I am ending the year with.  The featured image I found off of Google, and the link is still there so you can check them out. The questions to the answers below are there as well.

1. 7 of cups, Debauch- make sure my workings aren’t going to be overbearing and cause my difficulty

2. 8 of trumps, Adjustment- modify my behaviour and let myself be true to me

3. Ace of Disks- ground myself and push forward in my endeavors, have faith

4. 8 of disks, Prudence- foundational awareness is key to building awareness, don’t be shy, be open

5. Princess of Wands- use my spark of fire to uplift others when they need it

6. Queen of Swords- listen to myself more closely, make sure that i can understand and not just hear what people say, sit in your compassion a little bit more.


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