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New Moon Tarot Spread

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Another spread, one of 3 I am ending the year with.  The featured image I found off of Google, and the link is still there so you can check them out. The questions to the answers below are there as well.

1. 7 of cups, Debauch- make sure my workings aren’t going to be overbearing and cause my difficulty

2. 8 of trumps, Adjustment- modify my behaviour and let myself be true to me

3. Ace of Disks- ground myself and push forward in my endeavors, have faith

4. 8 of disks, Prudence- foundational awareness is key to building awareness, don’t be shy, be open

5. Princess of Wands- use my spark of fire to uplift others when they need it

6. Queen of Swords- listen to myself more closely, make sure that i can understand and not just hear what people say, sit in your compassion a little bit more.


#domagick Day 17

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The Power of the Woman 
This is a very powerful time. A New Moon, all my planets in a Fire sign, Lilith being very prominent, and me on my Moon flow. Can’t get more connected than that. If it wasn’t for my boo giving me an astrological talk, I would have missed this opportunity. 

I am in a desert, in a white dress, with gold cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I am standing with my legs apart. I feel a pull in my womb, and look down and see the blood flowing from me into a river of my own power. The smell of iron is strong in the air. The river is a beautiful rich red color, just teaming with power and connection to the tribe of Ashanti Demi Godz.

I try to figure out do I move, do I not? I decide to step away from the river, I look back and I see I am still standing there. I nod to myself and continue to walk towards the flow of the river. The blood dripping down my thigh is gathering around my foot causing me to leave these bloody and sandy footprints, right next to the river of my flow. I reached the end and see more rivers of flow and my sister’s standing at the edge with me. We jump off and plunge deep into an ocean of womanly power.  The blood is so thick it tints all of our hair a burgundy color. We leave the ocean of blood and walk towards the HPS. I participate in a ritual that I will not share, and I am giving a task to add it my daily workings.

I have never felt so powerful and connected to my tribe than I do right now.

I picked the card, actually I was told to pick the 1st card. It will not be explained, but it is in protection pose.

New Moon Day 23 (late)

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I had a good read. Lovely for the New moon.

2 earths, 2 air, 1 water

Where am I now on my journey, what’s blocking me from growing, what interactions should I set, what knowledge of it do I need to gain, what pos energy will emerge from this phase.


May’s Workings

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So I broke down my 245 day working into months. It works easier as school is taking up so much of my time that I know I will be switching up and changing things. Seeing what fits and seeing what doesn’t. So here is a tentative breakdown:

Sundays: Daemonaltry/Goetia

Mondays: CC

Tuesdays: Draconian/Serpentine

Wednesdays: Elemental/Divination/Chakra Workings

Thursdays: Psychic Workings

Fridays: Ifa/Vodoun/ATR

Saturdays: Free day

Pretty hectic, but hey I know what I am doing for those days so it isn’t as much as you may think. I still do my daily prayers and visualizations. I have a Coven ritual to do, actually 2 of them. There is a full and new moon ritual, and 4 rituals to my Matron, Patron, the All, and my Guardians. I have roughly 15 days of meditations to do. That’s about it lol.

30 days. Lets see how this goes.



28 Day Working, Day 2

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20170328_002928Today was the New Moon, and I did take full advantage of it. I did a mind, spirit and body healing. It was an hour long,  and it had some interesting results, but it was much needed. My candle is still burning so I will let it continue through out the night. Well not really, I will snuff it out and then let it burn tomorrow. My smoke detector is sensitive as hell, and last thing I need is startling the house and the animals…again.

I was finally productive and was able to put all my pdfs in folders, I have no clue what possessed me to take them all to begin with, but I still have to go through each folder and make sure that there are no duplicates, and that each book is where it should be. That is always fun lol.

For my Goetia working I reached out to Vine, lit a candle to him and just relaxed and meditated. I had a good time connecting and was able to send my request. So his candle burned out from early this afternoon.

I am starting my Yoga again. Man when we fall off we fall bad lol, but hey, just got to get back and go again.

Right now, I am only reading the introduction and philosophy of Yoga & Pilates book. Just enough so I can get familiar with the it. I really don’t want to overload myself, and for those who know me, you know I can have easily up to 10 things going at once, on top of school. So this is very light for me, and it is rewarding because I can chill, focus on a few things here and there and still get down what I want.

Day 2 down, now on to the next.

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