#domagick Day 23

Today’s meditation was done with the Sekhem Circle. This is the circle of 16 powers, information is linked here 16 Power Release Videos. It goes through each one in a decent explanation.

Walking into this meditation was completely different than the rest. There was only one chant “Nuk Sekhem”. That was all I needed as you can tell that this picture is a serious visual piece. Chanting Nuk Sekhem, I dived into this wonderful world of the 16 powers. I was walking into a storm, a solar system of these balls of power. They were beautiful. Vibrating with every breath I was chanting in. Matching it in turn. I was walking on what felt like silk. Very smooth, very soft.

The system stopped spinning and all turned and flew through my core, turning white and then passing through me again and turning black, then going right back into their solar system stance. During this meditation, I dropped blood on each ball before chanting. What I felt was my finger was extremely hot, the middle finger, and it caught me off guard as hot as it got ,and I opened my eyes to see my finger was red, even though the other fingers were cold. I held my hand over the page and let the solar system of power flow into my finger, racing through my veins and embedding itself in every area of my body. When the system was done it left me with no pain. For the past few weeks my kundali has been rising, and man this shit has been painful as hell. But after this meditation, I felt no pain, no discomfort. It was interesting.

I just sat there for a few more minutes after the timer had sounded. Took a shower and still no pain. I feel a little tingle now, almost a few hours later, but no where near as painful and agonizing as it was before. This is going to be interesting.

There was no card draw for the day.

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