Bullet Journal with a Twist

After hearing about bullet journaling and seeing stuff every so often, I decided that I will do the same. I mean for people who know me, they know that at any time I have around 18 journals that I write in for different purposes. But I wanted to do the bullet journaling for me, mainly for the occult workings that I do and all my personal and mundane shit.

So I started it a couple of weeks ago, but actually haven’t really worked it until the 22nd. I have a lot of stuff in it, but after planing and drawing everything till Feb, I decided that I will add more pages, and do more of what I like. SO it has all my Occult workings for the year, I need to have all my big rituals, and classes written down so it is very easy for me to really see what stuff is doing.

I also have a dry erase board that has all my orders up there and the projects associated with each one. It is very helpful as when things pop up, it gets added and I don’t have to worry about anything sneaking up on me.

I also have a smaller journal that I keep on my altar that I add all my workings to as well, and a large calendar. I am triple prepared. Oh and on my laptop, but I barely use it. Mainly because it is a piece of shit. Every working has its own journal that I keep full of notes, sketches and future ideas. Then the bullet journal keeps tracks of shit that I need to do, write up, appear at, and perform. So far, I do like the concept, and this year will be a trial run of the size journal I need, and how much space will be allocated for the days and months and all that shit. I literally watched hours of people bullet journaling on YouTube, and I loved how creative they are, and what they track, and keep a record of.

So when that is completed I know exactly what I am going to do for the next year. Plus I need to add an inventory of pages for occult supplies like herbs and candles and shit like that.

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