#domagick the Precursor and Day 1

So yesterday I did my spread to see what is going on with my chakras and how they are before my workings.


This is my spread for the month and I will do this spread again at the end to see how I have improved or if I need to do more working. I am not going to do a breakdown yet, they will happen with each day.

So today is the first of the 4 day Root chakra yoga. I did my normal meditation with my candle for the House of Baal, and then for 7 minutes I did the Mountain Pose which was actually difficult surprisingly. I was able to focus on my root and the feeling of grounding myself. Tomorrow I will add the Warrior pose and hold that for the other 8 minutes of my morning meditation. Here is the chakra read for the root.


My root chakra spread is telling me that the state of my root is very confusing and I have a lot of shit to sort out. I have a bevy of friends that are willingly to help, I also need to focus more on how to maintain that stability. I have a good path once I can stand on a decent foundation I will be walking into new waters with good partners.

What I felt was a little blockage within my root and connecting to the earth. So what I will continue doing is focusing on my footsteps at work and reaching deeper to the earth. I will be relaxing even further in the morning when I do the mountain pose and the warrior pose. I did feel funny, a little off kilter. It was a good feeling though.

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