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New Altar Arrangement

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Over the weekend I went ahead and changed my altar layout. It was time to move them and combine them, and take some down so that the energy can be fresher. A cleansing moment for me and my altars.

I always let them tell me where they want to go, and what they want on them. The placement is up to them never me. I just move them and make them look pretty and useful.

My altars where cluttered, and it was just an overall mess in my eye. So I knew they were going to be moved just not sure when. I have pictures to share of the new setup, but these will be this way for only a few months. I have new furniture to buy and they will be moved yet again and then stay that way for about a year or so.


Death Altar


Main Altar


Mom, Matron, ToAF


Dad, Patron, Khemet

#domagick Connecting with Belial

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Last night I removed the old Earth element. I took deep breaths and physically and mentally pushed the old black dirt out of my mouth, and watch it fall into a physical red box that I had made for Sekhmet. I figured I would use it since she will be worked with in week 3. So I filed the box with the rotted Earth and tonight my goal is to fill myself with fresh dirt with Belial. I do feel a little off balance today, which is fine. I was expecting it, so today and tomorrow will be replenishing of Earth for me with 2 of my Pantheon.

I just plan on reaching out and connecting with Belial, and meditation and having the Earth flow into my body.

#domagick Earth Elemental Week

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images (1)So this week I m working on bringing in Earth into me. I will be removing earth via  the red box I have made for Sekhmet.

As I type this I am kind of tipsy. Lol, actually I am pretty much drunk as fuck and I am enjoying it. I finished a very intensive 21 month Medical Laboratory Technician program and I am studying for my certification. I did 6 months of externship, which is working full time 40 hours a week for fucking free. So I earned the liquor that I am ingesting.

But I do plan on removing the old Earth energy from me. I would love to see how I react to it. Last time I felt like I was choking and I tasted the dirt coming from my body. So I think I will write what I will be doing before I actually do it, and then on Saturdays will be the actual reflection on how the days actually went. I am using this week to plan for the other weeks. So it will be a lot of hit and misses, but you know what, why the fuck not lol.

SO here we go. Tonight I will be removing the Earth and it will begin.

April’s Workings

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Next is the first of two rites for my Patron Leviathan. I really look forward to this, I love him so much. He has always been there, especially when it comes to my dealing with my emotions and healing from them and with them.


I am also doing a Blood Tantric working for Lilith that will have me closer to my Spiritual Mother. This is one of two month long rituals I have planned for her this year.

download (16)

The last working that I will be doing is the #domagick challenge in which I will be doing an elemental cleansing, and I think I will be using the method by S. Connolly over a longer period. A week for each element, and the last 2 days being a quick cleanse for the Spirit. With an extra day for a total cleanse. Also since Earth Day is the 22nd, I can take this entire month and use it to get in deeper contact with Mother Earth.

download (12)

Then of course a full and new moon tarot spreads for this month.

#domagick Elemental Cleansing

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So in my previous post I think I said I was going to do all 5 elements, at like 6 days each. Well scratch that lol, I am only going to do 4 at one week each and save the last 2 days for something that combines them all together.

download (1)

My first week I will be working with Earth. It is my weakest element, barely found in my natal chart and just overall not as impressive as it should be. What I will do is use the elemental balancing ritual from S. Connolly to remove the old element energy and infuse it with new energy via this ritual on her website called Elemental Balancing that is in a pdf of her Modern Demonolatry Book. I will do this with every element for the month.

I then will work with the Demonic Pantheon of my House (that relate to the element I am focusing on) to help cleanse and strengthen the element that I am working on. I am also include cleansing using Plantery Magick, color healing as well.

download (1)

The second week I will be working on Air, to get that intelligence even more finely tuned. It is my second weakest element, and I am not really surprised.

download (1)

Fire is the third week, and I am equal in Fire and Water. But I figure I might as well work with this one next and utilize meditations and mantras from my Matron Sekhmet to get me through this week.

download (1)

Lastly I will be working on Water. My strongest element, as I am a Water sign. I will be working with my Patron Leviathan for this week, and I know we will get in some good workings and cleanings, meditations and more.

download (2)

I am going to throw Spirit in there as a balancing act the last two days, doing nothing but bringing all the elements together and making them one. I will be working with the House as a whole and will get 2 full days of completion before I add it to my regular workings.

These are the 4 books I will be working through, in addition to a lot of my personal workings and collections that I have had over the past couple decades. So I will be having a very interesting month of April. I look forward to more growth and challenges on my path.

And of course, you know there will be 5 tarot pulls, I mean I really can’t go a month without doing at least 5 pulls.

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