YouTube About to be Popping

Is this slang really what we using right now lol! Holy shit I feel old as fuck!

I am on YT as Keona Esh so join up and let’s get this thing rolling.

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Anyway, I will be uploading videos on Fridays. I will start out with an introduction to my altars and the House of Baal. It will be fun to get to know you all a little better. I mean shit, we about to be one big ass happy family right, might as well buckle up for this wild ride lol.

One thing I have noticed is that I have been super picky about those that I follow on YT. I mean I even unsubscribed to everyone ad went back to see who had decent fucking content. I also know I  hate talking, I hate listening to people talk lol. Like not talk about shit they know, but don’t have a whole fucking conversation with your husband about groceries if you giving a makeup tutorial or doing a spell. Like really, cut that shit out.

So the first videos will have me walking you through my altar, but the majority of my videos will be no talking. I am not a big talker. Only with my partners, then I barely shut up. I tend to keep to myself and I just don’t like talking. Will it change, probably, but not in the beginning.

I am really excited, I have some things I want to do a trial run with and some items to create. A lot of projects for all my personal workings and future shit.

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