#domagick For real this is the last of the changes to April’s Challenge!

So these are the books that I have officially decided to stick with.

I broke it down to the elements being worked with every week, but only 4. The last 2 days will be a reflection and spread. So this is how I have the weeks laid out:

*Sundays are for removing the old element

*Mondays and Tuesdays are for replacing the old element with new, and connecting to Daemons of that Element.

*Wednesdays and Thursdays are for connecting with the Planets of that element.

*Fridays are for tarot reading with that spread that corresponds with the element

*Saturdays are for reflecting and note taking, in how to better it for the next week.

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I do not think I will be adding more, but who the fuck knows with me lol. I will just see when it is time.



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