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#domagick Self reflection

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These part 4 weeks off working with Hammon, Belial, Lucifer, Baelzebub, Lilith and Leviathan, and Sekhmet and Bael has been pretty interesting. I have grown closer too then as always but i also learned that they don’t always have the same approach. Mainly because I listen to them and pay attention.

The planetary working was very interesting. Some planets were passive like Mars and others were potent like Mercury. But it was a new way to work under there influence which i liked. Overall it was a positive experience.

#domagick Connecting with Belial

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Last night I removed the old Earth element. I took deep breaths and physically and mentally pushed the old black dirt out of my mouth, and watch it fall into a physical red box that I had made for Sekhmet. I figured I would use it since she will be worked with in week 3. So I filed the box with the rotted Earth and tonight my goal is to fill myself with fresh dirt with Belial. I do feel a little off balance today, which is fine. I was expecting it, so today and tomorrow will be replenishing of Earth for me with 2 of my Pantheon.

I just plan on reaching out and connecting with Belial, and meditation and having the Earth flow into my body.

#domagick For real this is the last of the changes to April’s Challenge!

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So these are the books that I have officially decided to stick with.

I broke it down to the elements being worked with every week, but only 4. The last 2 days will be a reflection and spread. So this is how I have the weeks laid out:

*Sundays are for removing the old element

*Mondays and Tuesdays are for replacing the old element with new, and connecting to Daemons of that Element.

*Wednesdays and Thursdays are for connecting with the Planets of that element.

*Fridays are for tarot reading with that spread that corresponds with the element

*Saturdays are for reflecting and note taking, in how to better it for the next week.

download (8)

I do not think I will be adding more, but who the fuck knows with me lol. I will just see when it is time.



Elemental Balancing

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Ok so we all know that to be while we should win working with elements everyday for life basically. And what I mean by that is we should be bending like fire, moving like water, knocking like earth, and floating like air to join with our spirit. We work with the elements we don’t control them.

Do you know the elements your strong in or what you lack? Not sure how to find out? Look at your natal chart, an in-depth chart, and take a look at the Zodiac signs. 12 signs will tell you how you flow.

To much of any element is not good as you will have a tendency to be in the negative ways of the sign, or your overcompensating in that sign to make you feel whole. It isn’t good anyway you look at. So the key is to balance by working with the elementals themselves, the elements themselves, and/or the elemental Divine.

In my natal chart I am heavy in Air, equal in water and fire, and low on Earth. So on my elemental balancing rituals I so not work with Air? Unless I’m checking the balance of it with Amaymon or Lucifer. I’m working with the Divine in addition to the physical element at the same time. I have my workings schedule with the zodiac time through out the year as to not overwhelm myself withy other ritual workings, school studies, and my normal wifey duties 🙂

Three weeks ago I worked with the elemental Earth Divines (Belial, Agares, Valefor and Belphegore) in a meditation ritual to ground my self. Since I lack Earth, that was a perfect time to start and the timing was perfect. My crystal is charged, the Daemonoc wood chips I created a while back are being put to use. When I need that extra umph, I have a few things I can take with me to help me out. And after the Fire and Water balancings are done (they are equal but still lower than my air), I will be able to have three items I can carry with me (since I’m overflowing with air) to be a balanced person all the time.

And from there you will start to see a shift on your spiritual field, your physical view of the world and a mental shift. I believe that when we are harmonious with the Universe we are harmonious with one another.

There are plenty of elemental books out in circulation. You can use those or you can design your own. I did a combination of both. As I ALWAYS re write any ritual or spell I use from a book. I almost never use the spell they way they use it. It’s all apart of growing and relying on your own mind strength to guide you.

I hope this helps everyone. Good luck working with the elements.

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