#domagick Weekly Workings

I am going to schedule them from Sundays to Fridays and on Saturdays give the reflections. Last night I had a good connection with Beezlebub and felt myself surrounded by multiple beings and people. It was a familial feeling and I really felt empowered by it.

Yesterday I was supposed to work with a Planet, but my workings did not go that way. Instead I found myself traversing the world, and different passages underground. I was constantly submerged in the earth and working on something or another.

Last night I redid and organized my altars, I have 6 now. And my last focus was on my Main altar which is an Earth Kingdom. Needless to say I went to sleep at 530 and woke up this morning. It completely tuckered me out and put me down for the count.

When I was drifting off I was thinking about always posting daily. Because it can be a chore. So I am just going to preplan the days of how they are going to go, and then Saturdays will be the big reveal on how the week went.

Preplanning I love because with magick it rarely turns out the way you hope, but it is always hilarious to try though.

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