Enchantment for Domagick

I don’t have the slightest clue of what I will be doing for next month’s challenge. I think I am thoroughly confused and at a lost point so far. My bf has given me some ideas, about 30, but I forgot them all honestly and I need to get in a conversation with him again about them.

I can make some trinkets and give them to the house. Well that can be a good idea. I actually have a lot of Styrofoam from a shelving unit I am putting together in my home. I grabbed all the varying sizes in pieces and maybe I will make something out of them. Actually that is what I will be using for sure.

I think I will focus on Prosperity for June. I said this month but I forgot that I am doing this working for next month. I will focus on Prosperity on the 13th. But next month I may change it from prosperity now that I am thinking about it.

I know it will have something to do with my House, but I am thinking of a few different ways that I can go about it. Man, like my bf said a few minutes ago. I am seriously overthinking something so easy.

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