Daughter’s of Lilith

On FB, me sister’s group is back active again. I changed the format of how I was doing classes, and decided to do them bi monthly. It gives people time to plan out what they are doing and to fit the working into their schedule. What I like this time is that you can schedule your posts, and man tell me this isn’t the best thing.

Since people are busy, myself included, I am not always on at the same time and I may miss a day if I am running classes on FB. Mainly because I severely limited my FB and only post dumb shit on my pages. I do the bulk of my work on personal temple sites, in my personal working on other groups. So when I scheduled the post for the month of May, I was able to do all 31 days. We are working with Morrighan in her capacity of being similar to Lilith, and then learning about the Morrighan herself and her three sides.

So when someone comments I can check and interact where ever I am at. Instead of trying to remember to post. My schedule is full and at any time, I can have 6-11 day workings showing up from my orders that I participate in. SO I have almost all my workings for the year already schedules, and any other opportunities that pop up. I can actually fit them in knowing when I have time and what month is light.

I am loving the way the ladies are participating when they can. It is more about them getting exposed to different goddesses, then it is to do every day and respond. I mean this is an occult study group on fb, and why would I charge for that. I would charge on my own website because I can regulate it better. As we all know that fb like to deactivate or put them in jail because people get butt hurt. So to avoid them feeling pressured this is a better alternative. When they are ready to get deeper and commit then the learning moves off of FB and I get deeper.

July is when the next monthly working is going to start. I have to check my schedule to see which Goddess we agreed on. But I love it, because if I haven’t worked with that Dark Goddess before, than that is a treat for me as well.

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