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Years ago I created a website called African American Spirituality. It was beautiful. In 8 hours, I created something for people of color to go to. And of course they fucked it up.

I ended up abandoning the site, giving it to my then boyfriend and deleting everything I put up on it. I got tired of these bitches figuring that since I was Satanic that I would have no problem letting a male member feed off of them. Of course my bitch ass beau at the time hid that from me. I hate people. I swear, lol, because I am not a bible thumper or a fucking Wiccan then I must be ok with people feasting off of each other. It is always these insecure black women that will run to dick, but won’t step up and speak with pussy. I swear that is my biggest gripe. I point out black women because the site was black. Well sort of, we are just to damn diverse, and we all don’t “look black”. So shit broke down, I had a site editor, who was white lol, I know, I know, help with the graphics. Because amazingly I found no black people to help, or at least ones who weren’t trying to get some pussy, so now, i am not fucking for my site. Kick boulders and keep that shit moving.

So I am creating another website. No one will have admin authority but me. This site will be ran by me, under my control. That way if bitches have a problem with the site, there is no dick they can run to. I hate the fact that when I actually took the time to reach out into the occult community, I got greeted with shit lol. But hey, it is what it is right.

This site will have more content. This site will have shops for blacks by blacks. This site will be dripping chocolate and I refuse to deal with any hating bitches or niggas who try to think otherwise. I will not play when It comes to my site. It will definitely be monitored so I know who is on. I shouldn’t even have to go this far, but once burned, you  will go to great lengths to never let that shit happen again.

I do not have an open date or time frame, other than 2019. That way it can be Jan 1, 2019 or Dec 31, 2019 and I don’t have to be under pressure.

2019 my website will be here. And no one will ruin my vision for my people or the community at large.

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