The abundance of altars

My altars have grown so much. It is truly a blessing. For those that have not seen my latest edition you can find it here: Buddah’s Back

So my main altar houses the House of Baal with my head hierarchy Belial, Baal and BaelZeBub/Bouth. There are around another 30 deities that we work with, but the main focus or the 3 B’s lol, and the house is an Earth Kingdom. Which is really want I need in my life, as I don’t have a lot of Earth within my chart, and this grounding and seeing things on a physical level has been amazing.

My Love altar has been very instrumental in helping me heal myself, in helping me be more aware of what I am thinking and how I respond to my own inner critic and what I can do to make myself happy, and then bring that into my relationships.

My Necromancy altar is working in bringing my closer to Death and working with the Dead and those spirits that are beyond the veil. It is coming into its own, and I have to admit that I am very happy in how my connection with Death is growing. I may even have some volunteer opportunities coming up to help with this connection that I am looking forward to.

My Sex altar was dedicated to Lilith and Asmodeus but mom took over lol. I know dad is still there, he is just not a major player. It is completely covered in owls by statues or wooden figures. It has given me great eyesight into healing and understanding my sexual energy as well as looking into tantric exercises and more.

My Matron and Patron altar is really me giving the man and woman in my life the time and dedication they deserve. They have been there for me in my life, in so many capacities that even the altars are not enough.

My Prosperity altar was put into my mind by my King and ever since I had it up, I have been doubly blessed. It houses Belphegore, and all my financial planning and books. I owe so much to him, he has really helped me out.

My ToAF altar is a good organization for me to learn different methods, and to open myself to a lot of different beings and their energies. It has been the best thing I have been in so far.

My last altar is my new Buddah altar. The calming quality that it brings me almost always have me in tears, for the simple things.

I never know when another altar or group of entities will be coming in, but I have a clue. I had a clue with Buddah, in which Quan Yin/Kwan Yin will be coming next. They have always been a pair when it comes to me. So i will just wait and try to find more space lol.


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