Witchy Wares

Starting in August I will be shopping from different stores every 2 weeks. Different online and brick and mortar, witch and occult/new age stores.

Why? Because I am an asshole when it comes to finding a shop that can do all that I need it to do.  But is it really a bad thing? I don’t think so anymore. There quite a few stores I have been checking and deciding would I support them and why should I.

There are roughly a dozen shops, big and small that I want to see how there service is. I mean,  buying from a shop and seeing how they things come packaged, the energy and feel of the products, the quality of course, and the prices.

There are some beautiful shops that have been opening up and they are the ones I really want to support. The people going into business for themselves. They have beautiful handmade products, and unique products that I really don’t see anywhere else. Besides I am not a good crater of oils, incense and tinctures myself. So being able to buy from someone who hand makes their products is something I really, really want to be able to do with confidence.

So next month and the rest of the year should be very interesting for me and for you.

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