What’s Coming Up

A few things are coming up. In August, I will be launching my Pateron which will be connected to my Goetia working. What this means is that when I start working with a Daemon for that month, certain items that I create under that Daemons influence will be created and available for purchase. I have a few tiers with prices ranging monthly from $3 for basic support up to $80 for Daemon boxes. I also have a point system so that at the end of the year, you add up all the points and you will be able to receive any item that I had created. It will be listed at the end of the year with links and everything else. Since the Pateron will be launching the month after the working begins, you will be receiving the Daemon items from the previous month.

Secondly my eCommerce store will be opened in July. This store will house different items then Pateron. This Pateron is specific to this work and will be up for the duration of the working. So roughly 5-6 years. The online shop will house all my other workings.

I will have links to both sites for you and will be working on content. Since this is going to be more of a rigid form I have to make sure I spend this month and next month setting up content, packing my items, and scheduling posts. So that means Goetia workings will be on Pateron only.

Don’t worry, with all that I have scheduled with this working there is no shortness of workings to share with everyone.

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