Time of Reprieve

I have 4 days left on this contract. I have made around 5 types of teas, and 4 medication candles plus 5 boxes. I’m exhausted but I have a lot more to do.

So I have some spiritual planners that will be very useful in my workings as well I’ll be home for at least a year so I will have access to all my material. What I’m thing to do when I get home is to make an are where I can store all my medication candles and books and a new altar area. I have seen some beautiful altar furniture on etsy and I’m looking first to snagging a few pieces

Once I’m unpacked I’ll share the pictures of how I’m using the candles I bought. They won’t ever be burned they are strictly for meditational purposes only. I’m excited. I’m also working on new batches of teas and where they can be purchased will be listed.

See y’all in a few.

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