Months of inactivity

Yet here I am. Inconsistent but still here. I am not in a place where i can wake up and just blog when I want. I spend majority of my time traveling for work, or being in traffic up to 3 hours a day after an 8 hour shift. But I will be making moves to change that so I can actually live a gentle life. I heard that on a tik tok video.

A gentle life is waking up naturally, having time to yourself, and just being and living a low impact life. I want to be able to do my workings constantly instead of having to destress myself and find time because my job is overwhelming. The medical field is garbage and super stressful. I will be moving out of it soon, I just want to have moments where I don’t dread going to work.

I know we all been there. I know we all struggle to live the life we want, but we still make that effort. We carve out a few minutes here and there, sacrifice time to be one with the universe, just so we can continue in this very crazy and terrifying world.

I did take time out to create some incense and teas and will be launching my herb store within the week. I just needed to get it done, and there is no good time. It is either now or never and I couldn’t be more happy with what I have created.

I redid my altar area, and have a personal altar as well. Trying to make more and more time for myself. I am redoing, redesigning my Goetia working, working on more workings for my organizations and just designing my own life I want to live.

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