So I am a PS whore lol. I am so excited for the PS4 to come out.

I started my first gaming with the Play Station. It was Final Fantasy. I was hooked. Then I jumped to the PS2 when The Sims came out. The PS3 was beautiful. I love my Ratchet and Clank, and if course my God of War Series. The PS4 got me wet.

Kingdom Hearts 3, I have been waiting for since the first one came out. Final Fantasy versus XIII, 14 AND XV. Yup love my FF.

The indie games that are coming on PS4 are of the chain. I love those little games. Destiny is hot. I’m not good at FPS but damn it I’ll bite lol. Elder Scrolls online, Batman Arkham Origins (I LOVE DC), 2K, I will try. Never liked basketball games, especially anything from 2K but it looked good. I’m a Madden bitch myself, but I’m always willing to branch out. Watchdogs is going to be fucking awesome. The Dark Sorcerer was hilarious and I so can’t wait to see the rest of the trailer tomorrow.

Now that I know what the PS Vita does I have no problem doing the money for it. With an archival library of 650 games it is well worth the purchase.

And the GTA PS3 edition I do fucking what. I’m a GTA fan and have almost all the damn games. So it looks like I’m broke fir the holidays but it’s so worth it.

Ahhhh, I love Sony lol.

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