XBOX ONE…not impressed

Of course I wouldn’t be. When XBOX launched I didn’t like anything that it produced. When the 360 came out I was like this is nice. I have my live account but was pissed when I got it free but could only download games and play, but not with friends or access my Netflix. Such a rip off. But Dragon Age got me hooked. Origins and Awakening. But my husband plays a lot of 360 so I follow him. It’s a good platform minus the having to pay to watch things you already pay to watch.

I won’t be buying the XBOX ONE. It’s a waste of my money. But I will invest in a new 360. They still have a lot of good games that I’ve enjoyed on their platform.

At a hundred dollars more, and not addressing their used games like Sony did I think the One took a hit. But they have their fans like Sony, so hey pre-order and enjoy your game.

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