Absorbing Negativity

So this is how I absorb extra negativity.

I light two 7 day gray candles. I whisper what I want the candles to do. What I want them to absorb, and thank the universe for helping me make myself a better humanoid. I also add blood. Either from my finger, or if I’m on my cycle I add that.

Now depending on the shit that I may be going through depends on how fast my candles burn. If they last the full 7 days than that’s good. It means that for me I didn’t have a lot of extra negativity that I couldn’t convert to positive, and creative means. If they last longer than 7 days, than it means I have some resistance and I change my methods and always add a third candle to help cut the tension on the other two. If it lasts only a few days I try to throw a little more meditation, a little more extra effort to do whatever I’d necessary to watch the flow and vibe I’m giving off.

As of right now my candles are down to the last few hours. Which isn’t good because they have only been lit for four days lol. I need to modify and identify but my candles have been known to last longer when down to the wire. So I will see.

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