Mass Effects

So I beat the first game. My (new) boyfriend introduced it to me. It is an awesome game. They made Dragon Age so that made me really aim to play it. I brought the trilogy maybe two months ago, I doubt it was that long. But I have enjoyed it immensely.

So I only did one play through, so far but in that play I killed the council, screwed the asari, sacrificed Ashley, made Captain Anderson had of the Council and did it all looking cute as a Biotic. I chose the backstory of my parents were slave, I was raised on ships, and I was ruthless. It worked out good.

I’m now on part 2 and of course they always try to improve and Jack shit up. But I do enjoy it. Just mad I have to pay for gas now lol. I’m kicking ass pretty good now. When I beat it I will update you all.

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