Makeup Artistry

Since you don’t need a license to do makeup. I figure I hone up on my skills. I have been doing makeup for around five years now, and I am honing my skills through QC Makeup Academy in MD because I wanted more training.

And I wasn’t going to MUDD for eights months to spend 30 grand for a non license recognize program, just so I can tell people I went to MUDD in LA or NY. But I have thought about honestly lol.

I am one year into my third assignment. Why so little advancement, because a lack of models. The females that were going to model for me decided that fucking and partying were more important than free makeup. I am like you need to look fuckable so you need your face done. Amazing right. Though the ones who only want to be my hair model don’t where makeup and I am like with al those acme and soda scars on your face you need some help. I swear I had an easier time in DC than I do in Philly. Amazing. So with that I will continue traveling back t DC for models since I can’t depend on the fake bitches up here to keep a damn promise. Business is business, your pussy will have a dick in it soon just let me finish your eyeshadow. I swear man.

But I have to deal with the fact that I am in the wrong area, and know the wrong people. Can do anything else from there really.

All I am looking forward to is using my MAC Pro card and stocking up on some of my fav products. I normally experiment and will jack myself up before I attempt on a model.

When I get home I have a few dozen looks I want to try out so hey at least that can keep me busy when I am free.

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