Photography School

So I have this correspondence thing with NYIP for a certification in Professional Photography. So far I have been in the school for a year and only turned in one test. Still haven’t done my first photography photos yet. Why?

1. Because the photos I took for the project magically disappeared.
2. I haven’t had the motivation to take any good pictures or go places.
3. Excuses lol.

Yet the reason I joined the program is to help me with my hair business and to help me get up and out the house. To be able to go out I whatever city I am in and capture all the beauty.

Plus we have to get the film developed and I just don’t understand why we cant email the damn photos to them lol. But not to many places develop photos let alone digitally. its like we have a place but we aren’t sure how to do it. I have found four places which is good but to me that is just more money and time spent going out my way t get the pictures developed than just attaching them to the email and sending them off. But hey it’s all worth it right? I think so. A little hard work ain’t never kill anyone.

I have the Canon Rebel T3 sitting on my dresser. I have taken photos but none that I would deem be worthy of sending in to the school. I haven’t fooled around with it like I have wanted to. I mainly use it for my makeup artistry pictures and whatnot.

I have all my assignments from the school. Yet no motivation to get them done. Next week I will be in DC and there should be no excuse as I have business to tend to and I will be outside all next week traveling. Perfect reason to bring my camera and snap, snap, snap.

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