N.Y.P.D. Pizza

So last night walking around Philly we decided to get something to eat. Which is surprisingly difficult since the city shuts down around 7, and only freaking clubs are open. And South Street lol.

So waking up Walnut we sort this pizza place. Who doesn’t love pizza. I know I LOVE IT! So I spot this pizza joint and I’m like let’s eat here. I need to find a good pizza place. So we walk in and out is so NY. I miss that. Walked in and my mouth was watering. So I got a slice of pizza that reminded me of the school pizza when I was in CT (born and raised). It was crunchy, cheesy, plenty of sauce and just enough grease to make it extra good. Washed it down with a sprite and my behind was good for the night lol.

If you want to stop by and get some good pizzas is on 140 South 11 Street. Absolutely good, and I can see that being a weekly spot to get a slice and just relax on the water.

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