New Regiment

So for about a little over a week now I have been doing a new hair and face regiment. I have seborhea dermatitis and that shit is itching as hell. Of course it respond to my stress levels which is so not cool.

So my mother gave me this stuff at home. I have so many products that I am always mixing and matching trying to find the perfect one.

So what I do is shampoo my hair twice or three times a week with the medicated shampoo the dermatologist gave me, then follow it up with my Fructis Shampoo and conditioner. After that I wrap an old shirt of my husband’s around my head and let it absorb what moisture it will without squeezing it. Or I will put a towel on my head and just wrap it around to get out the excess moisture. Then I will spray on Carols Daughters Black and Vanilla leave in conditioner and massage it through my thick hair. I will then put in an oil made of olive and jojoba. After that I take a nickel size amount of Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Cream Enhancing Smoothie w/coconut oil, silk protein & neem oil. It rehydrated my hair after the medicated shampoo and really does wonders for my little afro. I do that everyday.

I also take the medicated shampoo and use it as a face wash because my dermatitis is on my face as well. After I rinse my face off I put on some pure coconut oil and viola. My skin has looked better in a couple weeks than in the years of dealing with doctors.

I use coconut oil because I’m allergic to lavender. Which sucks because I can smell it, and drink it but not have it on me.

Either way I switch out the oils when I run out and I’m always making new products that are right for me so stick around for more info.

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