Vampirism and Satanism (older post)

Thanks to most modern satanic assholes and just pure ignorance and stupidity, people have no clue about vampirism or how it can help a Satanist.

I am a Vampire. A Sanguine. I am also a Satanist. My Vampirism helps me improve the amount of energy workings in my Satanic Rituals and everyday moving.

Vampirism is not a RPG, but more use it that way than not. It is a part of me (and hundreds like me), 21 years entwined with my Satanic being.

My Vampirisms is not a religion or philosophy. It is a science. It is a way that I maintain my life, my energy, and my overall being.

Between Western medicine, physical short comings and my own perception of my life, I make sure that it is blending completely and complimentary into one another.

I am NOT a parasite. I am NOT a predator. I am NOT an animal. I am a being that requires blood, and chi for maintain the foundation of my existences, to maintain a healthy balance in life. It’s the nutrients that I do not produce that. Donors voluntary give me.

I am sharper within my Faith. I am wiser. I am open and I am accommodating. There are plenty of other beings who are Satanic and (enter your species here) who one would never know what they are made of.

We start discriminating anymore within our own ranks, we might as well sit down and suck an a thick donkey one. Bon Appetite.

(c) Rev Keona

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