Fake Satanic Activities ( again written years ago though I still stand by it)

Now granted who doesn’t want to sacrifice a pedophile or a cold-blooded psycho who murders children and animals for fun. Hell I am all for it.

But besides those two things and those who deliberately try to take your life and those of your family, is the rest really acceptable? There is a group I know who perform them on a regular basis. Hey more power to them, it is no concern of mine. But do I advocate as a must have and major requirement of Satanism. No I do not. Will you find me joining on a ritual skinning someone anytime soon…when Christians become less of an asshole.

I do not ever see the reason for this to be a standard practice today or a way to prove just how Satanic you really are. Besides they exterminate themselves anyway (those who are a hazard) I just like to sit back and watch the show.

Is this what Satanism has become. Is this the “real” Satanic Way. What others are deeming correct. It is the bad boy wanna be Satanic mentality that they strive for. “I am a Satanist, I answer to no one, I defy authority to the fullest, I can kill who I want because I am smart enough to get away with it. That is what it is to be a Satanist:/ No that is what it means to be a pathetic individual who is in need of attention to validate that they are the biggest and sickest person around.

Children-and I mean young and old.

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  1. The viewpoint you project upon Satanism is one that Christians like to make people believe in. Some reverse Christians fall for the notion Satanism is about sex crimes and murder, they are delusional nutters who have zero to do with Satanism. The Church of Satan makes clear it bans harm to children and animals.

    Satanism is about being an individual, for many it is about pure hedonism and others a fight against conformity.

    • Hence why I call these fake Satanic Activities. Anyone who actually believe that this is real Satanism. They are an idiot. These activities come from the reverse Christians, and some craze Satanists. They are the ones who give us all a bad name.

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