Good morning my faithful subscribers

I do apologize for being absent for the past week. Been catching up on groups and pages that I help my sister run. It has given me some amazing ideas in which my own page will have only partial information while the rest comes here to my blog. You know how fb can be. People complain because they don’t have life and they block or shut your shit off lol.

Well they can’t do anything when I own this domain lol. Either way I think I will be taking my healing here with you guys. You will have my notes and all the shit I’ve been doing. Was thinking about making a separate blog for it. But why? That’s just more sites and honestly I do hate having so many sites. It will be an extra section that will appear in the next couple of weeks as Demonic Chakra Healing. That way you can see all that I have done that helps me. It may not work for you, and it probably won’t.

There are a few more categories that will be up, and other categories that will finally have posts. Stay tuned. The next few weeks will be very interesting.

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