Hair Woes

I have the thickest hair in the world. I swear I break metal cons going through this shit. During the summer I wear my hair natural, doing my little natural routine. It’s easier, and let’s face it. It is to fucking hit to be wearing a damn weave. I don’t see how these chicks weave it out during the summer. Fuck that lol. Though my hair is growing it still gets to the point where, when I wake up I automatically have a faux hawk lol. My husband just laughs. I’m like go to hell lol. I have the most hair in the middle, always giving me a point or some shit. But it’s starting to get to the point, where by next summer I can do my gel twists, flat twist and all my cooky designs I did back in 08.

But once summer is over this chick is getting weaved out lol. It protects the hair from everyday wear and tear and from environmental damage. However I love my edges and actually wear a wig in between weaves. I have seen to many black women with no edges because their weave is to tight. Just ridiculous. That and the fact that they don’t give their hair a break in between.

Next month I’m going to braid my hair, better yet let my mother braid it and sew my weave in. I have some wild colors that I’m going to use. Red, pink, and black lol. I may just do the pink and black. You will never see me was silk around with pink hair. It will be within and under the black. No ghetto shit here. But my colors I love. Always have to do a bright color with jet black, or a brownish black. I love the contrast. If I never went to cosmetology school I wouldn’t know the proper way to weave. The kitchen weaveologists are some bad chicks. It’s just not my cup of tea.

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