A dream from long ago…maybe a past life vision


The breeze was very cool that early morning. Or was it late that night. I do not recall. The other’s and I were on our way to the cave. It was time for us to do our duty. Upon entering I smelled the intense scent of sulfur. It was noxious but also welcoming. As we are walking through the cave I am amazed by the objects that are there. I touch the cool walls that have shelves built into them. They seem to be made out of bronze, along with the treasures sitting upon them. It is like a maze of artifacts, and it is our duty to translate what they are, and where they came from. It is extremely dark; the light is coming from the torches we hold in our hands. Our hoods are protecting us from the water dripping above, and our feet are bare sinking into the cool clay. So many days we have spent here translating, and going into trances. We are never given any rest, but that we have chose this life and honor it. For good or worse.

I woke up feeling damp and smelling of ore. It was weird. I was a little dizzy, but hey that is how past life regressions go. I have no clue how to control them as of yet. But I do know that I can slip into them easily. I have always brought things I normally have no business bringing out with me lol. I do now that after we were all in the cave it came a point where we walked to a clearing. I believe it was a dream of a Druid Oracle I may have been. The feel and searching’s afterward felt that way. I have been in a few different orders, and part of different Cults. All of them beautiful and amazing. I will tell and share more. But not all details. Mine are inundated with vivid colors, smells, touches, and tastes.

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