Sekhmet. She is in my hierarchy of Daemons and Gods that I hold dear to my heart. I did a meditation to her while staring at her statue and the statue moved its head and the scepter she holds. It was amazing. The getting stung by a Scorpion, falling onto the floor, waking up in the desert, looking at her. I haven’t been the same since.

Known as the might one she had a cult center in Memphis. Her feast days are Mar 31, May 12, Jun 14. Her day of the purifying flame is May 4. Her day of offering is May 8. She is the daughter of Nut and Geb, wife of Ptah and mother of Nefertem. Her cardinal point is south with the element fire. Her herbs are: bay, carnation, cedar, cinnamon, ginseng, juniper, lime, marigold, and sunflower. Her crystals are: bloodstone, carnelian, garnet, red jasper, lepiodolite, sugilite and tiger’s eye. Her metal is sliver, wood is oak, color is red orange. Her incense are mint, patchouli and vanilla. Her days are Sunday and Tuesday, at noon. Her season is summer. She is the personification of the destructive force of the sun. The sun Goddess, Goddess of war, Eye of Ra, and the goddess of healing and death.

She is also known as Sakhmet and Sekhet.

(from my BOS)

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