3 Paths?

I have got to be the weirdest person I know. Well, I do hang around weird people lol, but I’m the tops.

I have way to much time on my hand and my mind wants of and I’m like, watch her come back with some shit lol. So here is what I was thinking. Real simple nothing in-depth.

The path of Enlightenment.
The path of Blindness.
The path of Seeing.

The path of Enlightening. Is the path of darkness. Your eyes adjust to see what’s around you and in front of you. You learn, you act, you observe and a path opens up. You can see the physical and you can see the spiritual, you can see the cover, you can see what lies beneath. But you are left to make the decision based on your own perception, not another’s. Your able to reach out, touch, interact with it and decide for yourself what to make of it. This path has no lies, yet it contains lies. It has truths, but contain no truths. And the best part is, only you can decide so that means you have to trust yourself, believe in yourself.

The path of Blindness. Is the path of light. Pure light. It enables you to rely on others to tell you that what you see is in line with the rest. Your eyes are corrupt because of the beam of light that is in front you. You walk towards the light, with your hand up so you can possibly see. But when you look away what do you find. Spots of blackness, purple, blues and greens. Well what are those? You don’t know so you ask another and they tell you what to see, and that know becomes your reality. Without the light you are afraid to rely on your own sight, your own vision, your own mind. This path is full of lies, little truths but people tell you what to believe. You cannot rely on yourself, for if you do you are ridicule.

The path of Seeing. Is the path of duality. This path not to many travel. Those who travel the path of Enlightenment can easily follow this path due to their duality. Their ability to balance both light and dark. The path of Seeing is being able to walk along the path of light and not be blinded. But to see what the light has hidden. On this path you can decide for yourself how to take the less and search for the truth. On this path you can watch the Pure Light destroy the truth, and slip in and take that knowledge before it is to late. You are also capable of walking along side the dark. To practice the ability to trust yourself. Enlightenment walkers can take this path as well. For they have mastered the difference of false truths and wondrous lies. When the Enlightenment Walkers try to step in the path of light, they cause discord. The effectively block the transmission causing Pure Walkers to scream and run for cover. Enlightenment can destroy the Pure because they can see through the core. They reach for those on the light path only to be rejected, because in their mind, anything that is dark and with color is the lie. So Enlightenment walks off, feeling sad for those who choose to be ignorant and afraid of their own mind. They join the Seeing and both continue on their journeys.

This is what runs through my mind when I interact with people and Pure Light comes out. It makes my head hurt.

But beware their are those who walk each path in total cowardice. Some Seeing are Pure in disguise trying to ruin the Enlightenment. And some Enlightenment are trying to ruin Seeing and other Enlightenment. Some Pure are those who have to hide their Seeing and Enlightenment.  Why because those cowards who try to ruin, are on a different path. Egoism. The path that always lead to total destruction of oneself. Those who have to hide are the ones who need are greatest help.

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