Serqet. Another Goddess in my hierarchy. She’s close to my heart by me being a Scorpio 🙂 Working with her is a mind rush.

Her name means “she who lets throats breathe”. Mistress of the beautiful house, Goddess of the West. Her cult center is in Djeba and Per-Serqet. Her cardinal point is West, element is water. Her herbs are dragons blood, dandelion, fern, honesty, milk thistle, plantain. Her crystals are agate, amethyst, ammonite, azurite, clear calcite, citrine, elestials,, infinite, red jasper, labradorite, lepidolite, obsidian, opal, periodot, quartz, selenite, sodalite and tektite. Her metal is copper and silver, color is blue, incense is rosemary. She is called all days at twilight. And Autumn is her season.

She is the Scorpion Goddess of Magick. She has powers over snakes and scorpions. Any animal that has poison really. She assists the process of rebirth in the underworld, comforts newly deceased people. She is an expert at bandging. She is a protective Goddess and punishes those who deserve it.

Also known as Serket, Selqet, Selket, Selkit, and Selkis.

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