Death Ritual- Freeing yourself into your Birth Rite

What you need

peeled and dried garlic
cinnamon stick
dragons blood
rosemary and coconut oil
8 black candles
mint sandalwood

The tea is sweetened with mint and honey. The offering is the garlic, vinegar, cinnamon stick, dragon’s blood, pomegranate seeds. Anointing oils are mixed together.

My guardians at this point on my path were Persephone, Hecate, Apophis and Inaukis. The 4 crown where Satan, Beezlebub, Azazel and Astraroth. Lineage is Lilith, Asmodeus, Vercera, Udra, Michael, Azrael; and Frejya.

( I am not going to write out the full ritual but will give you information on what was done at each point. Also some names are not familiar as theses are beings that have given me this names to call them by and are very personal to me. Even though some may appear familiar).

I cast my circle, evoked Hecate, my 4 crown and all my guardians. I lit some incense and two of the candles to prepare the opening of the gateway. I anointed myself with my own mixture. and preceding to evoke the lineage to me. With each evocation of the lineage I lit a candle except for Frejya. I said my piece to them, what I hope to obtain.

I then proceeded to places cuts upon my arms, sipped some of the tea, waif the incense around and slip into a deep trance. The blood that was flowing was the blood of offering including the offering I had prepared above. While I was slipping into the trance I called out to Frejya, said me piece to her as well. I am not sure how much time has pass but it was long enough for a small puddle to be under the cuts.

I pulled myself out of the trance and, thank Frejya and the lineage and released them. I then thank my guardians, the 4 crown and my protectors before I released them. I closed the circle and grounded my energy. After that I went to sleep for a couple days.

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