So here is my chakra healing for those following the blog

I do really intense chakra workings. Always have. I am doing a chakra healing that is like whooping my ass but it is so worth it. I have my chakras divided up into zones in which each deity controls a part of it. What I have been doing I have been working on for over a year in just getting the information and reading all the shit that I need to obtain to make my own Pathworking.

So share time lol.

For my first Chakra its for my being, my all, my clarity, and my protection. So I am working with Satan, Baelzebouth, Hecate, Lilith, Lucifer, Leviathan, and Belial. Which means I have six other zones in addition to the root that I a working with. I work with the Deities strength and attributes, as well as the color an vibrations.

My second chakra is for my feminine mystery, beauty, strength and compassion. Inanna, Oshun, Persephone, Rhiannn, Quan Yin and Ishtar.

My third chakra is to work on my darkness, the abyss, death/gatewallking. It is with Aupep, Thanatos, Legba, Ogun, Esu.

My fourth chakra is to strengthen my family, my destiny and my life’s path. With Ausest, and Ausir, and Shay.

My fifth chakra is for my blood workings Vampiric wilds, Oracle work and Lemurian workings. Nehekbet, Serqet, Sekhmet, Nephthys, Gremory.

Notice there is no sixth or seventh because they are my strength. The chakras listed are ones that I am building up on. But that by no way means I am an easy target. I stay guarded and protected. You know there are always people who are always trying to find an edge on you. My pathworking is always complex and it has served me to be the best Satanist that I am. And I will continue to grow.

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