The Necromantic Ritual Book by Leilah Wendell

Did not care for this book at all.  I literally skipped through half the book and that’s not saying much at only 50 pages.

I guess when I started reading it and she was saying that you have to drink the years of despair to understand Azrael I was like really. The whole, your altar must be in an area with stagnant water and under Orions Belt calling out to Gabriel I was like what the hell.

So not one to just dismiss I moved forward. I found a nice saying I can rewrite and use as a theme for my Necromantic, Death Workings. Got a few more attributes of a few herbs I can add to my Death/Necromantic notebook.

Then it came time to commune with the Dead. This broad is taking about going to people’s funerals, hanging around graveyard, stalking them for weeks to watch the guards and visitors, and to sleep in an open crypt where the coffins are open. Note that is just damn creepy and weird as hell. Ask your workings must be done in a shallow grave under shade trees and I was like that’s it. I’m done.

Then the print was so damn hard to read. I couldn’t tell the v’ s from the u’ s, or the s’ s from the d’ s. That while writing in old world script to give the book that look, was an assault on the eyes.

Rating: 1

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