The Keys of Ocat by Stephanie Connolly

A book, humor that is for the more experienced magician. If you have only been in it for a couple of years I advise you to keep looking and work your way you to it.

It is a book of Necromancy and working with death energies. Knowing your Death Daemons, and the Gods/disembodied sound you will be working with. It is, I would say they’d in four maybe five books that she has wrote. If your looking for the Daemonolatry way of Necromancy than I advise you get:

The Complete Book of Daemonology
The Daemonaltry Guide to Daemonic Magick
Honoring Death The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy
All the old Grimoire Texts
Wait a couple of years and practice a lot
Infernal Colopatrion
The Keys of Ocat

And then you can be on your way to get it in lol. I’m serious. Twenty the years in it for me and I am smart then to run in blind. I have a couple of months preparations to do but I am ready. After dealing with Death Energies will get you fucked up if you aren’t prepared, or have the knowledge to protect yourself and work wisely.

And since I’m a groupie, yup, I admitted it I recommend getting her books and her colleagues for some good Traditional Daemonaltry workings.

Rating: 5

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  1. […] The Keys of Ocat by S. Connolly is a really good working Grimoire. I have two books, the left one in regular binding and the one on the right bound in leather. The one on the left has the most notes and highlighting in it, while the right is preserved. Basically if Gate Opening is your thing then this book (if it is still available) you should have. I like the rituals, the preparations and how you have all the orations to add to your own gate workings. The review is here Keys of Ocat. […]

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