I only have 46 books?!

I know right. It’s like I decided to give all my books that I have read, or don’t want to friends. So now I am down to only those that are on what I want to focus on. Which means I can buy more books.

I admitted, I am a book hoarder lol. I have 130 on my kindle, and 1200 probably less after last night on my computer and I do print them out lol. So I’m actually getting to read ask that I have.

I have tons of notebooks, notepads, booklets and papers littered all over my side of the bed, on my bottom part of my altar and in the drawers lol. I can’t help it, I either committed it to memory or take notes for later.

I’m a book worm, and its addicting 🙂

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3 Responses to “I only have 46 books?!”

  1. 46 books? Wow, that’s impressive. I have such a hard time giving away books I’ve read–I might want to read them again…

    • I normally take notes from a lot of them, and some I have on my kindle. But normally I’ve read the books a few times, and I feel they deserve a better home. Plus this gives me an excuse to buy more that I’ve been wanting to read 🙂

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