My Compendum

Just because I’m tired of Book of Shadows. Yup, that’s right. Anyway…I finally have it organized…eh somewhat. I will probably go back through and delete some accumulated material, rewrite spells, rituals and charges. Even comment and share my two cents on some articles.

I have a few folders that I’m still thinking about deleting as its not my cup of tea. Normally I share that information online as long as it’s copyrights and the authors name is there, if not I put unknown. Or I’ll just toss it. But my African Tribal, Angelic Magick, NLP, and The East folders will probably go. I’ll add some good info to my Basics and Left Hand Thinking folder and toss the rest.

I have a folder for books that have been put in word document and not pdf form, that I  may get rid, because I probably already have them. I also have a folder full of pictures from the net that would make great tattoos and meditation pieces as well.

That leaves me with: Animal Guides and Astrology, Astral Workings and Ascension, Basics and Left Hand Thinking (though not liking that title), Book of Herbs, Book of Meditations and Healing, Collection of Oils and Incense, Dedications, Prayers, Charges and Invocations; Demonic Villa (not liking the name either), Goddess, Gods (May merge the two not sure),  Holidays, Music (have some good ones for meditation), Poetry, Spells and Rituals (broken down into further sub sections for my OCD pleasure), The Fridge, and Vampirism (but I think this is going to be absorbed in one of my pathworkings though).

I have my Pathworking folder that has my big projects in them. Chakra and Auric, Daemonaltry, Draconian, Elemental, Enochian, Necromantic, and Tantra and Yoga. They are pertinent right now, the others are in stasis which is cool. I don’t want to much more going on with me. Don’t need to overload myself again. But it’s not pressure to do this like it was before. I have enough push and drive to get what needs to be done. If I don’t do my half hour meditation today, it doesn’t mean I have to start over. It means I will do it tomorrow. I practice and do something everyday. Not a lot. It could range from drawing out a sketch, to doing a spell, sitting down for meditation, yoga, watching what I eat, journaling, or reading. There are no most haves, and most do’s.

I think that is what makes this so enjoyable. Even more really. I’m competing with only one person, and we get a kick out of how far we both have come in only four years. It’s a good way to make sure neither one of us is slacking, and that we aren’t over doing what we are handling. I know his limits, and he knows mine. Can’t get better than that.

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